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Education Services

We are proud to act as a supplier, installer and advisor to schools in Surrey, London and throughout the south-east of the UK. There are many different types of services we provide, tailored to the size of your institution, its teaching requirements and the economy of scale offered by different types of purchasing. Our goal is to get you the best price on equipment as possible, so that the focus can remain on installation, support and maintenance.

We have a straightforward working process for Further and Higher Education institutions. It is summarised in the three step process below.

Please select what type of institution you are from the list below, so that we can provide a more tailored selection of our services.

What type of Institution are you?

A large college has the benefit of purchasing agreements and scale. When buying in volume it becomes possible to plan more effectively for future needs, and secure a better price from suppliers. However, with the pressure of hundreds of thousands in procurements to deal with every day, it can be difficult to keep up with new development in learning technology or as "how could I get more reliability out of what I'm using?" We offer a wide variety of services to large and small colleges. Based on our experience, we can offer a few examples of projects we have completed that are amongst the first in the UK and Europe and have proven both cost effective and successful for their users.

Video conferencing for collegesproduct

If you are a college with more than one campus, you may find that staff and student time is lost to commuting, minibus expenses and the inevitable delays that go with it. Skype can often alleviate the pain, but something is lost when staff or students cannot simply sit at the table, talk amongst themselves and give a presentation, all without needing any technical skills. We are amongst the first suppliers in the UK to work with Aver - a provider of video conferencing technology. This low-cost high quality video conferencing solution is capable of h323 video conferencing. This means that solutions that previously started at over £90,000 are now available for as little as £2500. While these prices can vary, the cost difference now makes it possible for this technology to be practically available in schools in multiple units, integrated into conference rooms and classrooms. This enables the practical use of distance learning techniques, professional quality calls, and the ability of a person in the back of a room to be heard on the other side of a video link, even when talking normally. iPhone and Android devices can also be used as digital images and remote controls, adding to the functionality of the device. These devices are now in use in Surrey colleges for staff meetings, executive briefings and student parliament. This saves substantial time on travel and has a positive environmental impact. Get in touch and ask how we can implement this for you.

Lecture Recording

We offer an exciting new solution from crestron6Crestron inc that represents one of the first and most cost effective solutions for professional-level lecture recording on the market today. The Crestron Capture HD is a self-contained recording solution that integrate with Microsoft Outlook and most media streaming servers. It can record multiple inputs from microphones, cameras and HDMI/VGA based devices and then package and deposit them on the server of your choice. The included Roomview software processes the video and provides a link to it for use by staff and students. Our pioneering client in the Surrey region has used this system to capture and collect lectures and stream them to mobile devices. iPads and iPhones are also used in the classroom, and their output is wirelessly streamed to and captured by the device. This means that tablet computers can be used in combination with LCD projectors and recording devices. The first of its kind in Europe, we can arrange trials of this system and help you plan for its integration into your teaching and learning. Ask us how.

Maintenance and Support

The projects above are showcase projects - examples of how leading actors in the sector have worked with us to realise their goals within modest budgets. But on a day to day basis we are here tmpc-m10o support you with systems and solutions to ensure that standard classrooms run and run well. Simple problems are often the most frustrating. How to eliminate remotes for instance, or switch between inputs (laptop, PC, iPad or tablet). We can supply solutions from many suppliers to address your needs. Reprogramming the essential functions from remotes, audio equipment and lighting into a single managed panel. These panels cost less than a laptop PC, and are capable of automatically managing devices, controlling all devices in a classroom, and have a web-based interface so that IT staff can manage them.  

Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors

IWBs (Interactive Whiteboards) and LCD Projectors are present in almost every modern classroom. We can help you chose the best option for your school, whatever your requirements. You have many choices - here are examples of some of the installations we do on a regular basis:

Multi-touch IWBs

Main-ActivBoard-300-2The most advanced whiteboards available today are "multi-touch" - capable of receiving input from several fingers at once. This can be very useful for those who want to avoid the use of pens, which have a high replacement cost, or for art teachers who require the ability to work on different areas of the screen simultaneously. At the high end of the Interactive Whiteboard market, these systems are relatively large, and attached to a wall permanently. We work with Promethean and SMART technologies and have installed many of their systems in UK schools.

Single touch IWBs

squiggle1 For more straightforward whiteboard installations we offer several products that either take the form of single touch whiteboards (Starboard being a highly used product) or more recently, combination projectors/virtual whiteboards. Virtual whiteboards offer several advantages over traditional wall mounted boards:
  • Discrete: If the teacher is not using IWB functions, they are not visible
  • Economical: Bundling the projector and the whiteboard cost into one reduces costs
  • Easy to Maintain: The IWB functionality is built into the projector, reducing the amount of equipment to keep up to date.
  • Tidy: ultra-short throw projectors reduce glare from the projector, reduce cabling, and send statistics on bulb life to central monitoring software.
As in the example to the right, the technology can be used with projector-enabled glass. It can be used on any flat surface without detracting from the design of your classrooms. This provides a good way to blend equipment with design.  

Universities and Higher Learning institutions

We understand that the contracting requirements of universities may require large companies with the ability to dedicate significant numbers of staff to a multi-year contract. As a small specialist company focused on classroom control and innovative learning tools, we encourage you to contact us as your installer of choice. We can supplement the efforts of your in-house teams, freeing them to concentrate on critical tasks. Some of the services we offer include
  • Crestron control programming
  • Wiring and installation of audio and electronics
  • Troubleshooting of urgent issues
  • Installation of acquired systems
Taking delivery of your new equipment is only the first step. We can help you get the most out of your control systems and supplement the efforts or your staff and maintenance contractors by tackling areas that fall outside of normal maintenance. Emergency systems failure? Call us now, we can help.

How we workin three steps

We don't focus on selling products. Instead, our focus is on selling solutions. We strongly believe this should be the basis of what we do.

A satisfied customer base served by a focused professional company is our goal. When assessing your needs, we always take a three step process.

Step 1: Evaluate

A senior engineer - not a salesperson, will visit. We learn how your systems have been set up and identify any immediate concerns that might impact your OFSTED rating or the delivery of teaching and learning.

Step 2: Plan

You may want to replace existing technology, buy new technology, or mix old and new. Our job is to ensure that the technology works well together, and is the most cost effective option for your needs.

We obtain advice from our supplier network, get you the best price and assemble deliver and install.

Step 3: Implement

The Education Sector has special requirements. Exam periods, school closures and times of the year when IT services must be available. We work around your schedule - you do not need to conform to ours.

Where possible, we do as much work in off-hours as possible, to ensure that your classroom is available when the teacher needs it.

Our work in Education