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Setting the desired mood can be as easy as the touch of a button. The days of having six switches lined up cluttering the wall are over. One elegant touch screen keypad with engraved buttons can be used to control your home, no more guessing which switch operates which light, systems from Total AV Control are clear and simple.

With whole house 'Lighting Control' from anything is possible. Imagine an illuminated screen in the hall as you come in at night, one touch turns on the hall, stair case, landing and bedroom lights - easy! There is nothing more frustrating than leaving through the front door and realising a light in the bedroom has been left on, with a touch panel by your door you can resolve this in a matter of seconds.


Dimming Saves Energy

Amount of Dimming Electricity Saved Lamps Last
10% 10% 2 times longer
25% 20% 4 times longer
50% 40% 20 times longer
75% 60% 20 times longer

With the 'Go Green' setting,can program keypad buttons to reduce lighting zones by a nominal amount. For example, a 'Go Green' button that is programmed to trim 10% off the light output will save nearly 10% in energy with little change to the perceived light level in the room, most people could not tell the difference.

The Astronomic Time Clock turns on lights at sunset and off at sunrise or at any time you choose. Homeowners can use this feature to create safe pathways, illuminate the landscape and architecture at night.


Deter thieves with 'Vacation Mode' - by recording lighting and shade patterns then playing it back while you're away, no one ever needs to know you're not at home.


Occupancy sensors provide light when needed and save energy when rooms are unoccupied. They are perfect for interior pathways and exterior lighting areas that require illumination only when someone is present.

We offer lighting from Lutron, Control 4 & Crestron.


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