Terms of Installation


The price shown for  Crestron and Crestron Prodigy includes the following:-

  • Free telephone/email advice to ensure the system specified is the right package for your requirements.
  • Full bespoke wiring diagrams and advice on equipment locations, cut out sizes etc for your contractors to complete 1st Fix wiring and preparation.
  • Free telephone/email advice for your 1st fix contractors.
  • 2nd fix labour and system setup, which includes the following:-


    • Connection of all speakers and fitting into pre cut holes, where applicable.  
    • Connection of equipment components including client specified source inputs and system devices.
    • Fitting of all keypads and/or touchscreens.
    • All general system programming required for standard operation.
    • Full system testing & verification.
    • Client training on system.
  • All equipment as shown in the specific package brief.

What is not included in the price:-

  • 1st fix wiring as instructed by our schematics.  Cables must be clearly labelled both ends and be visible in their correct location.


    • Please note that Total AV Control will accept no liability for incorrect 1st fix installation or failure to follow the 1st fix design brief supplied.   Telephone support is provided free of charge to assist.
  • Mains Power wiring (230V).   Details of requirements will be provided in brief supplied.
  • Fitting of TV’s.
  • Supply of source equipment, unless specified in package details.

    • All source equipment must be in situ and any 3rd party source devices must be commissioned and fully functional.
  • Where networking is required, all network equipment is to be installed and working, with suitable verified components.
  • Cutting out of any surface mounted speakers and wall plates/keypads.


    • All cut out sizes will be provided and 1st fix contractors are to complete all required speaker cut outs and fitting of equipment back boxes.
  • Extra zone requirements and/or specialist amendments to system packages will incur additional costs.


    • Please call for details.
  • Package price as quoted is for projects that are located within 100 miles of Guildford Surrey


    •  Additional costs may be involved for projects further away.  Please call for details.