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Video conferencing has become a common way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, for professional and personal purposes. You are likely familiar with certain products such as Skype, Facetime, or Google Talk. These products take advantage of the microphones and cameras built into mobile phones and personal computers to allow quick and easy communication from individual to individual.

The H330 video conferencing system - a new low cost alternative for high end conferncing. However, modern learning and business environments require many people to participate at the same time – variations in call quality are much less acceptable when an important business or education event is taking place. A participant at the back of the room must be able to hear the speaker and ask questions across a video link. These rigorous requirements are why installed video conferencing solutions remain an important part of business and distance education.

Total AV Control is pleased to offer the best of both worlds – high quality video conferencing built into your conference room or classroom, compatible with existing services such as Skype. Users can bring their own device or “call in” but the quality and clarity in the conference room remain high.

This section takes you through some of the available options, and show you how you can implement video conferencing as a collaboration and educational tool. It also highlights the financial and environmental benefits to your organisation.

Common Questions about Video Conferencing

A video-conference (or Video Conference) is a live video connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication or interaction. Video-conferencing allows people to interact anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Uses of video-conferencing include:

  • Distance Learning
  • Job Interviews
  • Business Conferencing
  • Giving and receiving lectures/presentations from remotely located sites
You can also record presentations or meetings for future use. This provides a way of minuting meetings and ensuring that anyone who could not be in attendance can review selected recordings.

If you have a multi-site business or campus, or need to travel on a regular basis, video conferencing offers you a way to save money, benefit the environment and improve your business productivity. Some benefits include:

  • Reduction in travel expenses
  • Saves time ordinarily lost in commuting
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases ease of collaboration
  • Improves communication
  • Allows multiple parties to meet across time zones and international boundaries, without the need to travel
  • Offers the ability to conduct learning at a distance while interacting with a class of students.

When thinking of video conferencing, you may imagine high tech facilities and expensive installations, or perhaps a simple smartphone application. The reality is that there is a wide range of possible solutions, both for simple and complex applications of the technology. This is why getting to know our clients remains so important, and why talking to one of our engineers is a great way to start defining requirements and what products might best fit your needs.   As a guide however, we can provide indications of the type of technology becoming very familiar for the budget conscious.   For organisations looking to build bespoke conferencing environments, we act as a supplier and installer for Crestron - This allows us to create environments where all systems are operated by touch panel, eliminating the need for remote controls. You can learn more about this technology by clicking here   We also work with Aver - one of the newest and leading Video Conferencing suppliers. You can learn more about their conferencing solutions by clicking here. This video conferencing solution offers several advantages:    

  • It works with any Video Conferencing system globally - even extremely expensive units
  • The cost is very reasonable (similar in cost to to the purchase of 2-3 laptops, although pricing is variable, and often to your advantage)
  • It can be linked to Skype, which means almost any smartphone or computer can join a conference.
  • Videos can be recorded to USB sticks for later use
  • Document cameras and computers can be integrated into the video feed as a separate window.

We have installed and integrated these systems into leading UK colleges. As a education solution it offers the benefits of low cost entry into the distance education market. For business it offers compatibility with potential partners and low overall costs.   The examples above are the most recent examples of completed projects. Please visit the Case Studies section to learn more. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will respond and be happy to discuss your needs.